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Right for you? Our services are suitable for individuals or families who are serious about building and managing their wealth in a professional setting. We work with people who have high incomes and/or complicated financial needs and are in need of our integrated wealth management services.

Clients with significant net worth will benefit from the detailed solutions constructed by Fust  &  Associates. Our highest priority it to improve the lives of clients through attention to detail, and consistent portfolio growth. Wealth is not how much you make, but how much you keep, and how many generations you get to keep it for.

If you have been expecting better value for fees paid, our iProfile and Maestro solutions may be what you have been looking for.


A strategic asset allocation approach that provides access to six unique investment pools under a single investment platform.

Investments are diversified across a variety of geographic regions and management styles under the direction of growth managers, value man- agers, small cap managers and core managers from around the globe.

On non-registered accounts, the iProfile advisory fee may be tax-deductible

Features of the Investors Group iProfile Managed Asset Program:


A selection of some of the world’s best-known investment managers work together on a single investment platform.


Registered and non-registered accounts can both be held within a common reporting structure, which can be constructed with differing investment goals.


In addition to being able to track portfolios separately, it is also possible to assign a different portfolio for each financial goal based on time horizon and your risk tolerance.


Third party architecture involving some of the world’s foremost experts designed to provide you with superior risk adjusted returns.


The return of capital option can provide you with cash-flow, without incurring an immediate tax liability. This feature may also assist in reducing claw backs of income tested benefits.*

Benefits of iProfile: FEE DEDUCTIBILITY

Your client advisory fees are generally deductible for income tax purposes with non-registered portfolios. Please consult your tax advisor for further details.


The initial iProfile investment is set at $250,000, however, you do not have to meet this threshold as an individual investor. You may open an iProfile portfolio as long as the cumulative iProfile investment of all members of your household is at least $250,000.


All managers go through a vigorous selection process and are subject to ongoing performance measurement. Advisors who do not meet performance targets may be replaced.

Your iProfile portfolio

Your iProfile portfolio can be fully customized to meet your investment objectives. The examples shown here are just a small sample of the portfolio options available.

  • Conversative Investment Profile including Money Market Investments
    Conversative Investment Profile including Money Market Investments
  • Conservative Investment Profile Holding No Money Market Investments
    Conservative Investment Profile Holding No Money Market Investments
  • Moderate Investment Profile for Investors Focused on International Investments
    Moderate Investment Profile for Investors Focused on International Investments
  • Moderate Investment Profile with Limited Foreign Exposure
    Moderate Investment Profile with Limited Foreign Exposure
  • Moderate Investment Profile Including Emerging Markets Exposure
    Moderate Investment Profile Including Emerging Markets Exposure
  • Aggressive Investment Profile Including Emerging Markets Exposure
    Aggressive Investment Profile Including Emerging Markets Exposure
  • Aggressive Investment Profile Excluding Emerging Markets Exposure
    Aggressive Investment Profile Excluding Emerging Markets Exposure
Trademarks, including Investors Group, are owned by IGM Financial Inc. and licensed to its subsidiary corporations. Commissions, fees and expenses may be associated with mutual fund investments and the use of iProfileTM Managed Asset Program. Read the prospectus and speak to an Investors Group Consultant before investing. Mutual funds are not guaran- teed, values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Recommendations relate only to Investors Group mutual funds. An asset allocation service, iProfile is a managed asset program for clients with a minimum of $250,000 invested in the iProfile program.
* Receiving return of capital distributions reduces the adjusted cost base of your investment, which could result in a higher taxable capital gain or lower deductible capital loss at the time of redemption.
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Maestro PortfoliosTM

A dynamic approach to long-term investing

Maestro Portfolios combine a long-term investment management outlook with dynamic asset allocation strategies to adapt to shorter-term market movement. The goal: Risk management and enhanced returns as you continue to build your wealth.

Maestro Portfolios might be perfect for you if you want to:

  • Have a more active management approach to your investments
  • Let our experienced portfolio management team take care of day-to-day investment decisions
  • Obtain cash-flow, and/or long-term growth from your investments

Maestro Portfolios take risk management to the next level

Diversification is a core element of any long-term risk management strategy. Each Maestro Portfolio is expertly cra ed to diversify your investment across a range of asset classes, sectors, geographies and investment styles. By adding a dynamic asset allocation component, Maestro Portfolios go one step further, aiming to manage volatility over a shorter time horizon.

Tax-efficient options to manage your wealth

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth. Plan to keep more of it with Maestro Portfolios’ tax-efficient investment options, such as Series T1, which provides tax-efficient steady monthly cash flow for non- registered accounts.

1 The cash flow amount for Maestro Portfolios are set at the end of each year on or about December 31 for the next year as a percentage of the net asset value per share/unit, but may be adjusted or discontinued if determined to be in the best interest of each Maestro Portfolio.

What is dynamic asset allocation?

Maestro Portfolios are designed for flexible and responsive investment management. Our experienced portfolio management team can adjust asset class exposure, within a pre-determined range, to reflect their view of current market conditions.

Maestro Portfolios take a multi-layered approach to dynamic asset allocation which may include:

  • Adjusting exposure to non-retail fixed income and equity pools exclusive to Maestro Portfolios
  • Shifting exposure among underlying Investors Group funds
  • Changing exposure to bond maturities, global markets and currencies, or other key market elements
Maestro Risk Tolerance to Dedicated Returns Chart

Experienced portfolio management

Our seasoned investment team has intimate knowledge of the market and economy, and their impact on each asset class. Our rigorous, analytical, and research-based process aims to manage market volatility, enhance returns, and improve your overall experience.

Why it could work for you

Choose Maestro Portfolios to experience a sophisticated and tailored approach to investment management.

We can help you choose the Maestro Portfolio to complement your your investment plan. Maestro Portfolios are available for non-registered and registered accounts (RRSP, RRIF, LIF, TFSA, RESP).

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