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Wealth Management

We recommend having a realistic conversation with your spouse and slash or family members about the pros and cons of running your business. Make a plan before you retire so that you will have a steady, reliable source of income when the business is no longer yours. We work with you to maximize tax opportunities and tailor strategies to manage risk and and address succession planning.

Many professionals we work with have defined benefit pension plans or defined contribution pension plans. This means we must pay special attention to where monies are saved to provide tax-efficient income in retirement.

Too many people pass away suddenly without a proper plan in place. We are family be okay? Is your estate structured properly? We address all of these concerns so you can concentrate on what matters most - day to day life with those you care about.

As you enjoy travel, the lake, and the grandkids, we ensure that your spending needs, tax plan and estate documents leave no stone unturned. Allow us to design a wealth management plan that allows you enjoy life to the fullest and lets you sleep well at night.

Knowing that you have accumulated enough for your own lifetime, doesn't always allow you to rest easy. We make sure that all of your ducks are in a row. No discrepancies between beneficiaries on your Investments, insurance policies, and pension plans. We ensure that the wishes of your will correlate with the manner in which your financial life is structured. We make certain that your power of attorney is written correctly and that you have a health care directive in place.

Many of our clients have financial management needs with varying degrees of complexity that call for an assortment of different proficiencies. These include estate and succession planning, asset management and income protection, tax planning, etc. Planning for all of these different pieces in a single, organized, uniform fashion forms the practice of wealth management.

This level of expertise requires a multi-skilled team – not just a single advisor. (That would be like asking your accountant to draw up your Will). Managing wealth begins with a genuine interest in your well-being. It’s about compassion and understanding what you are trying to achieve. If our decisions are not based on your well-being, even the greatest technical skills are irrelevant. Regardless of your financial or personal situation is, know that our team has dealt with it in the past. We know what has worked and what hasn’t with clients that have been where you are.

With input from you about your objectives, we will conduct a discovery meeting to identify options for you to consider, and then work with you and your advisors (lawyers, accountants, etc.) to successfully implement our proposals both now and into the future. Life will change – personal circumstances, markets, tax rules, governments, etc. Our job is to keep you informed of the issues that impact your wealth and take a proactive approach to these issues, rather than a reactive one. Our wealth management services are included as part of your advisory fee – which means you can feel good about more value for your money, better bang for your buck.

Fust  &  Associates Private Wealth Management can help keep you organized and up to speed with all areas of your financial well-being, not just investment management.

Contact us today to set up a confidential, no-cost, no obligation evaluation with a member of our team by  E-Mail or phone at  1-204-784-4586.

Fust  &  Associates Private Wealth Management

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