Frequently Asked Questions

Private Wealth Management is a term that describes custom designed, personalized investment management and financial planning services for high net worth individuals. This includes property and income protection strategies, estate planning, business succession planning, retirement planning and tax planning. Our private wealth management team is purposely designed to meet the needs of individuals and families who have needs that are much different from institutional investors. Fust & Associates is distinctively determined on delivering private wealth management for individuals and families.

We work with high-net-worth individuals and families from across the country. While clients vary in age, level of investment knowledge, and job description – they do have one thing in common – they have wealth they want to and grow and protect, without exposing it to unnecessary risk. They are looking for secure and responsible management of their assets and appreciate the value of a professional wealth management team in accomplishing this objective. Click here to learn more about who we work with!

Once both parties have agreed there is a fit for us to work together, we begin the formal process of instituting our planning relationship with you and your family. We will review the financial and personal information you offer us and prepare our recommendations for your investments and any other wealth management issues that we perceive to be important. During this process, your investment accounts will be set up and assets transferred to us either in cash or in kind.

We will prepare a Letter of Understanding. This is a written agreement that describes the responsibility of our team and our expectations from you. Think of this as a “blueprint” against which our strategy will be executed and our performance will be measured. Although there is a lot of work going on in the background, we make every effort to make this transition as smooth and as convenient as possible.

Our main role is to manage your investments responsibly. Therefore, we typically replace your current investment advisor or money manager. We do not replace your accountant, lawyer, or your banker. With your permission, we work jointly with these specialists so that you enjoy a fully integrated approach to your financial affairs. There are no additional charges for the time we spend working with these professionals – this advice is included within our advisory fee structure.

We select top investment managers from around the world for every asset category. Our iProfile asset managers provide the expertise that institutional investors have come to rely on for long-term success, while managing risk and volatility. That expertise is available through iProfile portfolios which are managed using the same disciplined strategies, by the world’s best managers. Their high-level expertise is typically only available to large institutional investors and pension funds. These managers have been selected for iProfile only after comprehensive consultation and review with external advisors.

Our services are suitable for individuals or families who are serious about building & managing their wealth in a professional setting. We work with people who have high incomes and/or complicated financial needs and are in need of our integrated wealth management services. Wealth is not how much you make, but how much you keep, and how many generations you get to keep it for.

Clients with significant net worth will benefit from the detailed solutions constructed by Fust & Associates. Our highest priority it to improve the lives of clients through attention to detail, and consistent portfolio growth.

We will meet according to your preference and comfort level. There is no pre-established service schedule you have to fit into – we do not build “cookie cutter” plans. Every plan is customized to the individual person or family. Some clients are quite active or have matters that require more communication. Others prefer less frequent contact, meeting only once or twice a year to review progress against plan, strategy, or goal. You will receive a clear and complete portfolio report from us on a quarterly basis. For your convenience, you will also have online access to your accounts.

We will be in regular contact with you by phone or via email and depending on what is going on in your life, your business, or the capital market at any given time, the amount of contact will vary over the course of our relationship. Together through our regularly scheduled interactions, we can adjust the level of communication as we see fit.