Investment Management

Our approach to investment management is designed to meet the needs of people that have capital they want to protect and grow, but do not have the time or expertise to manage themselves. They prefer to have their wealth managed by a professional team.

While our clients come from all walks of life with varying degrees of wealth and investment knowledge, they all seek to:

  • Protect their money from substantial or permanent loss
  • Generate enough income to fund their retirement without making significant lifestyle changes
  • Provide stable, non-volatile growth to keep up with inflation over the long term
  • Delegate the management of their assets to a trusted team of professionals

The iProfile program is a comprehensive investment management system for high net worth investors.

True Diversification

Most investors understand that diversification is important for reducing volatility and improving performance but they then use advisors who put them into a run of the mill mutual fund with high fees. Fust & Associates Private Wealth Management uses the iProfile managed asset program. Using sound and proven asset allocation strategies, your investments are diversified across a range of asset classes and management styles – with each manager being selected for their proven ability with a particular asset class.

This attention to asset allocation and manager selection aims to maximize your portfolio’s returns, while managing volatility. Be assured, whether you are a conservative or an aggressive investor, your iProfile portfolio is tailored to meet your investment objectives. Your portfolio will include up to 6 different asset categories which reduces your exposure to stock market volatility and lowers your overall risk.

While ‘alternative’ investments are becoming more widely promoted today, investors should be aware that there is a major difference in quality between those typically available to retail investors and the types of opportunities iProfile invests in. Our asset managers are high quality and generally reserved for institutional investors and pension funds. We are able to leverage the size and strength of IG Wealth Management to access this program.

No single money manager can be an expert in every area.

Independent Asset Class Specialists

The field of investing is exceptionally specialized. The ideal solution is to find and hire a specialist money managers for each asset class – an extremely tedious task for an investor to source, qualify, hire and oversee. This is another advantage that iProfile provides.

It is critical for your holdings to be diversified across management styles that are low or inversely correlated, so that when one asset category may be underperforming (in keeping with market cycles) another will be outperforming bringing overall stability and balance to your portfolio. The iProfile program calls upon the expertise of Growth Managers, Value Managers, Small Cap Managers, and Core Managers to do so. Managers are selected not only for demonstrated skill in their asset class, but for their fit with our overall investment strategy.

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