Clear. Comprehensive. Transparent.

On a quarterly basis, you will receive a clear and comprehensive portfolio report from us. Our statements have been designed for your ease of understanding – you will know exactly how your investments performed. You will also have online access to your accounts should you require more frequent updates. We will keep you up to date on investment strategy through email, phone calls and one-on-one meetings in person or via video conference. You can expect to hear from us during negative market cycles. We don’t hide – we know that’s when you want to hear from us most. We take a proactive approach to rebalancing your portfolio regardless of market conditions.


We charge an advisory fee for the Wealth Management Services we provide. Our fees are based on the size and composition of your portfolio. There are no upfront fees, backend fees, or deferred sales charges on new investments.

This means you can access your money at any time without any cost or charges from us. We have zero incentive to trade or transact, our only objective is to grow and protect your investments. We are paid to do what you would do if you had the time and expertise to dedicate to managing your wealth.

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